STORY OF ngu hanh games 

Bringing culture into board games

Ngu Hanh Games is a board game creation and production company founded by Tran Ngoc Tue Man and Nguyen Thien Toan since 2019. The goal of Ngu Hanh Games is to create and produce board games and card games that tell Vietnamese stories.

Every Vietnamese has known board game from an early age, those are the seahorse, Chinese Chess and Go. Needless to say, the board game is a part of Asian culture, a part of Vietnamese culture. As we grow up, along with the rapid change of society, we forget that there are games that let us communicate directly with people, there are games that bond the whole family gathers. Board game was a part of our childhood before the age of technology. And that is the reason why Ngu Hanh Games wants to create and bring back the board game culture that we gradually forget.

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