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Are there any products of Ngu Hanh Games that do not use language to play?

Kinh Luoc, Len Mam only have pictures and symbols, easy to understand, donot require language to play. 

How to become a partner of Ngu Hanh Games?

Ngu Hanh Games is currently implementing 2 policies for partners : Sales Partners and Consignment Partners. For detailed policy advice, please leave an email at the contact section or inbox Ngu Hanh Games Fanpage ( )

What is the exchange policy of Ngu Hanh Games?

Ngu Hanh Games applies the exchange policy for customers as follows:


1. Conditions for exchange:

Customers need to provide the invoice and order information. When you want to exchange, the product must be the same product you bought and the product must be still unused, the boards attached with the tokens are still intact. Please provide a photo as proof of the product's defect attached to the request for exchange within 3 days of receiving the product. Ngu Hanh Games will not handle the cases of error reporting beyond the above time limit.


2. Specific exchange policy:

Support to exchange defective products with Faults that SERIOUSLY affect game errors including:

- Missing components or wrong game components

- Torn or faded printing with printing components

- Cracks, breaks or damaged mechanisms for plastic components

The following errors will not be supported to return defective products:

- The product is damaged, torn, dented, squashed, in water during use

- The product is damaged due to improper opening of the product

- The product has a slight color deviation, a slight deviation but does not affect the gameplay.


Exchange method:

- Within 3 days after receiving the product, if the product is defective in the above condition then customers can request to exchange product  according to the following process:


Step 1:

Contact the store on the purchase invoice to notify about the exchange, follow the specific instructions of each store.

Particularly for orders purchased directly from this website, customers notify Ngu Hanh Games about the return of goods via the address "" clearly stating the situation they are experiencing, and leave a message. contact information.

Step 2.1: Follow the instructions of the customer service staff. Return the product to be exchanged if there is a request from the customer service staff: Within 10 days from the date of receipt of the product, the returned one when sent to Ngu Hanh Games must be intact, not broken or seriously damaged due to intentionally caused…


Step 2.2 (For direct exchange): Customers go directly to Ngu Hanh Games office according to the instructions of customer service staff to solve fast exchange within the day for customers in the city and surrounding areas.


Step 3 : After confirming the defective product, Ngu Hanh Games will compensate the replacement product or the missing components within no more than 7 days from the date of confirming the defective product.


Contact method:


Address: 2 Song Hanh, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone (office hours): 090 991 5859





- For errors from Ngu Hanh Games, the shipping costs incurred by Ngu Hanh Games will be responsible

Where can I directly buy board games?

You can buy Ngu Hanh Games products online at the store on the website, or at Shopee of Ngu Hanh Games Also , you can buy directly at Fahasa Bookstores, Phuong Nam Bookstore and some stores in the list of partners of Ngu Hanh Games.  

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